What is a Coach Trainer and what difference will it make for you?

funny-retro-sports-nerd-flexing-his-muscle-isolated-white-background-32784109If you are tired of not looking your best when you know you have greater potential, you should care.


After years of experience as a trainer I started coaching about a decade ago. This year I’ve combined both and the results are off the chart.

THIS IS NEW! Until now combining the two has been difficult. Now Beezwax.Works has taken everything from my motivations systems, classroom training, personal training and coaching, not to mention artistic, creative and visionary aspects of 53 years of experience to provide my services, as a private Coach Trainer, on an exclusive basis, booked electronically.

Some of the things people have said about my services:
  • Bryce takes the time to understand you and really listens.
  • Bryce understands the process to motivate people to do the work to learn new ways.
  • The attention to detail was incredible: I knew this was the right fit.

Imagine the advantage having BOTH Coaching and Training may bring you!

As a COACH I am your CHAMPION, GUIDE and always cheer for your highest potential,
  • I take the time to find out your motivation and your stumbling blocks
  • Work with your diet, preferences and behaviors to find what works best for you
  • Encourage you to take the necessary steps to break down old barriers to success
As a TRAINER I take you through your paces,
  • Show you new exercises and how to do them to create new form
  • Provide example changes for your diet to shift your body composition
  • Push you to today’s potential to build like never before

The bottom line is by combining practices I am able to bring a higher level of practical experience and motivation to the Beezwax.Works practice, translating into real results for you.

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